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loS 'elbogh Characteristics le' Printing
Aug 04, 2016

1, jan-specific printing

luch lo' specificity mIw printing particularity. le' printing mIllogh qonwI' stereo, mIllogh qonwI' digital, mIllogh qonwI' holographic, le' jengva', luch printing 'ej luch, Hoch law' luch rIn 'ej mIw chenmoH lo'.

2, relativity concept

le' printing concept SoHvaD relative. qaStaHvIS print cham on the basis of print branch Hach peQ 'oH printing puS cham lo'. vaj tu'lu' pagh Ser neH print cham, tu'lu' le' print production development 'ej pagh. vaj, Hoch, mamej qup against batlhchaj laH tlhap chaH pe'.

3, substrate diversity

substrate diversity, rewbe'mey'e' qaStaHvIS wej aspects: wa'DIch, print Hap 'u' in addition to navmey, cardboard, corrugate cardboard, baS, HIvje', fabric, fiber synthetic resin; cha'DIch, print ghor HapwIj, ghor, ghor vaDHa'wI', flexible je Hap 'u'; 'ej DevvIpghach, 'oH potlh puS routine sizes substrate, pa' Sar sizes.

4, le' print mIw

'elbogh le' print features. rewbe'mey'e' print print DaH nobvam during naQ production mIw, such as print principles products particularity pagh wej neH QI'yaH-joH rop print jengva' method pIm jengva' lo' 'ej chenmoH je DaH nobvam printing, jengva'-making mIw je pIm; wej lubaghDI' 'ej mostly such as coating rIn.

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